School's web pages

Did you know that more than 70% parents search for new school on mobile?
We are experienced to transform your current web pages to the new mobile responsive version. We offer you new style web page and then copy your content into new web page.

Please be inspired by our realised webpages. Download PDF for your reference.

Realised school web pages

Web page pricing

We offer you this package of services at once:

  • Implementation of content management system (CMS) developed for schools
  • 5 hours work of graphics and content adjustment
  • create web responsive template for your school
  • copy of your old web data to the new one
  • domain transfer support
  • first run of your new pages support

Price: 1 490 EUR

Webpages hosting - 12 months

Your new webpages will be hosted in professional datacentre Master Internet certified ISO 27 001. We will update webpages CMS and monthly backup your content for case of any issue. Your pages will be secured by HTTPS technology with a certificate.

Price: 149 EUR yearly

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