Tablets Vs. Textbooks – An Opportunity For Schools To Cut Down On Costs

Schools are starting to find alternative ways to cut costs and digital is a step in the right direction.

Effectiveness of tablets

Though various studies have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of tablets being used in class, it is certain that not all, but at least some, tasks could be transferred to digital . For instance, instead of teachers giving out copied handouts and pupils handing in their papers, this could all be done via e-mail or file sharing on tablets.

“Tablets offer the ability to constantly update material rather than waiting for an entire book lifecycle.”pointed out David Engelhardt, President of ReadyDock. Inc. On classroom supplies and instruction materials, teachers spend $500 per year for their students out of pocket. By switching to tablets, such costs could be eliminated as reprinting and copying would not be needed. The same principle can be applied to textbooks. E-(text)book** versions cost less than printed ones and you can have hundreds of them stored on just one tablet.

One of the main advantages of switching to tablets is also the high approval rate coming from pupils. And, when pupils are enthusiastic and motivated to work harder during class, the educational system should take advantage of the opportunity.