Edookit Summer School

The Summer School for Modern Teachers is available this year as well. For Edookit this means a week full of inspirational presentations of modern school technology and practical tips in the company of the most innovative of the Czech and Slovak teachers and pedagogues.

Who Takes Part in the Summer School?

The most proactive of the Czech and Slovak elementary and high school teachers meet every year at the August Summer School for Modern Teachers. This way they can share their experience with using modern technologies such as Edookit in day-to-day education. Just as we did last year, we will again introduce the present participants to the many features and tools Edookit provides to teachers who are looking to make their lives easier and more student-oriented.

Lectures, Workshops, Trips

The Summer School offers meetings with enthusiastic colleagues and with experts from the field of modern education technology, such as our David Lang. The participants can look forward to a week full of great experiences.

The Summer School for Modern Teachers takes place between August 14. - 20. in a small village called Zitkova on the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The beautiful countryside and the inspirational environment of the White Carpathian mountains have proven to be the best venue for the event. So much so that the Summer School takes place amid the beautiful nature for the sixth consecutive time.