How to Improve College Experience? Students Believe the Key is Hidden in Their Personal Data: Survey

According to a recent survey carried out by Wakefield Research company and Ellucian Analytics, more than 77 percent of College Students believe that schools can improve their college experience through better usage and processing of personal data.

Young people allow apps and websites to collect and process personal data, so that their consumer and social life experience can be continuously improved. It shows that students are less reluctant to share personal data with others. Thus, it doesn't come as a surprise, that students see a chance in schools improving their college experience by using personal data.

The following chart shows the survey results and students’ opinions about how the usage and processing of their personal data could improve their college experience:

The survey was carried out between October 13th and 18th and included 1,000 US college students. 93 percent of students surveyed believed that their personal data should only be given to their educational institution once, with 53 percent agreeing strongly. Overall, 83 percent of students are convinced that through the use of their personal data, schools will be able to transform the college experience within 10 years time.

It would be a step forward for the educational system to utilise the data schools already have. It could open new ways to find and make improvements, while still paying attention to already established data privacy regulation.

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